On the Hunt for answers at the Conservative party conference

Long-time supporter, Tina Walker, spent this week speaking her mind as she accompanied the Parkinson’s UK team to the Conservative Party Conference.

"As someone who lives with Parkinson's, I may not be able to work but what I can do is make sure my voice is heard.

"One of the first people I spoke to was Jeremy Hunt, the new Health Secretary – I put him on the spot by asking him about the Long Term Condition health guidelines and told him they should be mandatory.

"I also spoke about the new Personal Independence Payment, the effect it has on people with Parkinson's and that I am afraid further cuts will mean I'll lose my car and my independence. He told me that he would take what I said away with him, but I was still determined to speak to him again.
Iain Duncan Smith and Tina Walker

"So when the Parkinson's UK team had a meeting with Mr Hunt 2 days later I was ready for an argument – but managed to restrain myself. I told him that the Government should consult the people who use the services when they design assessment tests. Disabled people should be involved at the conception of an idea rather than the birth.

"I was there when David Cameron came over to our stand – when he found out our buzzer game was the same one Nick Clegg played at the Lib Dem conference, he had to have a go. To top it all off I met Brian May and I was star-struck! He was lovely.

"I was very tired now but it was well worth it - I'd go to all 3 conferences if I could. There are 360 MPs in this country and if 360 people with Parkinson’s started talking to them we'd make our voices heard – that’s what we’ve got to aim for."

We attended all of the 2012 party conferences and you can find out more about what we did and what you can do to get involved at www.parkinsons.org.uk/partyconferences

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