Supporting Brain Awareness Week

We're proud to be supporting Brain Awareness Week - the global campaign to raise awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research - which starts today (12-18 March).

Your brain is amazing. It contains around 100 billion nerve cells which connect and talk to each other through 100 trillion synapses. This 3lb jelly-like mass inside your head is responsible for controlling almost everything you do - from walking and talking, to storing memories and creating our thoughts and feelings.

But in people with Parkinson's, the nerve cells that produce dopamine stop working and die. These nerve cells, found in the part of the brain that controls movement, are lost gradually, and it's only after about 70% of the nerve cells have died that the symptoms of Parkinson's begin to appear.

We don't know why this happens or crucially how to prevent it. But Parkinson's UK-funded research is leading the way to unravelling the secret world of the Parkinson's brain.

Every March, in Brain Awareness Week, hundreds of universities, charities and research organisations around the world join forces to celebrate the brain through events for people of all ages. And there are events happening up and down the UK this week including open days at neuroscience labs, exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Our director of research and innovation, Dr Kieran Breen, will be speaking about the creative talents of people with Parkinson's at 'Arts for the brain' - at the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham this Thursday, 15 March.

And don't forget that Parkinson's Awareness Week is also fast approaching (16-22 April) and we'll be holding events all around the UK and talking about our work to find a cure. We hope to see you there!

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