An end to the 'revolving door' of assessments for people with Parkinson's

The Derby Telegraph has recently highlighted the case of one of our members, Robin Mitchell, who has been judged fit to return to work in 18 months. This is despite the fact that Robin had to retire from his position as a data administrator in 2008 because of his Parkinson's. Something which his former boss says was entirely necessary.

Robin now faces being re-tested to make sure he can still receive Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), after already having been assessed in 2009 and 2010. In addition, he has now been told that his ESA will become income-related at the end of April 2012, which could mean he will only receive around half the amount he currently does.

This follows a recent article in the Daily Mirror, which shows that across the country 440 people with Parkinson's will have to undergo repeated assessments for ESA, as Robin has done.

The information came from a parliamentary question, asked by the Labour MP, Tom Greatrex, who has been championing the cause of one of his constituents who has Parkinson's.

We need an end to the revolving door of assessments that people with Parkinson's are subjected to. Instead, the government need to give people, like Robin, the support they need.

We are working to influence the benefits system to ensure that it takes into account the needs of people with a long term, fluctuating conditions such as Parkinson's.

Have you been assessed as fit for work, when you know your Parkinson's prevents you from doing so? Or do you care for someone with Parkinson's and work alongside?

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