Science Under Attack

On Monday night, Nobel-winning geneticist and president of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse presented the BBC2 Horizon documentary, Science Under Attack – an exploration of growing public scepticism and hostility towards modern science.

The programme took a fascinating look at how extreme political and ideological ideas have weaved their way into mainstream media and public debate on key scientific issues, threatening to derail the progress of scientific innovation. The importance of using scientific evidence and the power of experiment in informing opinion on both sides of these debates was stressed.

Reflecting on cases such as the 'ClimateGate' controversy of November 2009, Sir Paul warns that scientists must engage more openly with the public, whom he says, they must not take for granted.

He states: "Earning trust requires more than just focusing on the science. We have to communicate it effectively too. Scientists have to talk to the media… Because if we do not do that, it will be filled by others who don't understand the science and who may be driven by politics or ideology."

This is of crucial and universal importance to scientists everywhere – including the Parkinson's research community. We always strive to effectively communicate our research work and ensure that we remain the most trusted UK authority on all things relating to Parkinson's.

Our 5-year research strategy sets out our plans to focus on finding a cure for Parkinson's.

And there are many ways that you can get involved in Parkinson's research.

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