Have your say on the Government's health reforms

MPs will start important discussions about the Health and Social Care Bill in Parliament today. The controversial Bill proposes major changes to the way health and social care works in England and we're concerned about how this could affect people with Parkinson's.

At the moment, most of the decisions about what health care people with Parkinson's receive, for example whether there is a Parkinson's nurse, are made by a primary care trust (PCT). In the future, these decisions will be made by GPs who will group together to form consortia.

We're pleased that the Government is giving more choice to people over who provides treatment for Parkinson's. For example, someone with Parkinson's will have the right to choose their neurologist. The Government wants people to vote with their feet and choose top quality specialists. However, people might not be able to travel to a good neurologist. We need to make sure that everyone with Parkinson's has access to good quality health and social care.

We want MPs to listen to the voice of people who rely on the NHS and social care, and improve the Bill. We're asking the Government to strengthen its existing plans by making it compulsory for GPs to ask charities like ours, as well as people who use the NHS, what healthcare should be available.

We have written to MPs to ask them to raise these issues in Parliament. And we want your help to make sure that people with Parkinson's are listened to. Find out how you can take action.

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