Parkinson's UK research conference - news on day 1

Today, we welcomed 195 researchers from around the UK to share ideas, discuss challenges and work together towards a cure for Parkinson's.

Our first keynote speaker, Dr Deniz Kirik from Lund University in Sweden. Deniz discussed our progress towards a new generation of treatments that aim to slow the development of Parkinson's and repair the brain.

He said that Parkinson's research is really leading the way in gene therapy and cell transplants. And there are currently several trials underway of gene therapies for Parkinson's that are looking promising.

Next we heard from a string of Parkinson's UK-funded researchers:

After lunch we heard from our second keynote speaker Dr Valerie Voon from the University of Cambridge.

Valerie said that compulsive behaviours affect up to 13% of people with Parkinson's, and these problems may stem from changes in dopamine release inside the brain.

Our Director of Research, Dr Kieran Breen, was interviewed by BBC Radio York, and we'll report on that tomorrow. It's been an exciting and stimulating first day.

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