Commissioning better care for people with Parkinson's

The way services for health and social care services are commissioned will be transformed in the next few years, with GPs taking on this responsibility.

We want the professionals who are commissioning services now, and in the future, to make the best possible decisions for people with Parkinson's, and other long-term neurological conditions, so that they and their families have the best possible care.

This week saw the launch of a new tool for those responsible for commissioning health and social care services. It helps them understand the needs of people with long-term neurological conditions – specifically Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease.

Neuronavigator offers commissioners support and information on how best to commission services for long-term neurological conditions, including support on costings for these services.

It's part of Neurological Commissioning Support (NCS), which is a joint initiative between us, the MS Society and the MND Association. We work alongside PCTs and local authorities to ensure people living with long-term conditions have access to the services and support they need.

Tell us your experiences of Parkinson's care? What do you think the priorities for commissioners looking at long-term neurological conditions should be?

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