WPC Day 1: The road must start here

Last night, the World Parkinson Congress 2010 officially opened in impressive fashion.

Ex-Scotland Rugby captain Gavin Hastings spoke movingly to delegates about his wife's Parkinson's and his commitment to supporting the global Parkinson's community. His story was also in the news this morning, including in the Scottish Sun and the Daily Express

Bryn Williams, a local person who has Parkinson's, was greeted with a heartfelt standing ovation in response to a truly inspiring speech

Right: Gavin Hastings signs the Parkinson's pledge. Left to right are: Diane Hastings, Steve Ford and Bryn Williams.

Among today's highlights, our Chief Executive Steve Ford chaired a workshop on approaches for getting government research funding. And our Director of Research and Development, Kieran Breen, spoke to delegates about our Parkinson's Brain Bank and successful Brain Donor Appeal.

For delegates in need of light relief, one of our members, Bob Taylor, ran an innovative laughter workshop for people with Parkinson's and our Nintendo Wii bowling competition really got into full swing.

Check out our pictures from what’s been a busy first day at the congress, including Gavin Hastings signing the global Parkinson's pledge.

So there's been a real sense of hope, aspiration and positivity running through the congress during Day 1. It's already shaping up to be quite a memorable week. The words of Bryn Williams perhaps best sum up the mood here in Glasgow. Long may it continue.

"If the delegates whose life's work is Parkinson's, collaborate with those who live with Parkinson's, together we can deliver a future without Parkinson's.

"But the road must start here. The opportunity exists this week. In this city. At this congress…

"Welcome to Scotland. Welcome to Glasgow. Welcome to the World Parkinson Congress."

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