World Parkinson Congress - gearing up for opening ceremony

It's been a day of excitement and anticipation in Glasgow today! Delegates and organisations from across the world have arrived in their masses ahead of the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Parkinson Congress (WPC) this evening.

Ahead of the 'official' Day 1 of the congress tomorrow, we've been busy meeting other delegates and taking in some of the interesting pre-congress courses going on throughout the day.

Our chief executive Steve Ford attended the 'Fundamentals of PD' course earlier today. Steve said: "I saw some really amazing presentations today. The difference that having access to a team of specialist therapists makes for people with Parkinson's really came across and made a big impact."

One of our members, Richard Tyner, also went to the session. He said "I was fascinated to learn that by the time people are diagnosed with Parkinson's they may already be coping with up to 10 different non-motor symptoms associated with the condition."

During the opening ceremony, which starts at 6.30pm tonight, BBC newsreader Jane Hill will announce the winners of the WPC 2010 video competition. Scotland Rugby Union legend Gavin Hastings will also be talking to delegates. It's geared up to be a really special evening and a perfect start to the congress.

If you live in the local area, watch out for Colleen Henderson-Heywood, who has Parkinson's, appearing on ITV Tyne Tees tonight (6pm) talking about the congress. Colleen and our chief executive Steve Ford will also both be on ITV Borders 6pm news tonight too.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Steve ford or any one from Parkinson's UK not apearing on BBC or ITV news items about the congress

Parkinson's UK said...

You can see the coverage today from last night's ITV regional news programme featuring Steve and Colleen at THe clip starts at 9.05 mins and runs for around 4.5mins.

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