Placard messages - your responses

Steve FordIn a recent blog I mentioned placard messages that I asked our members to post back to me. So far we've had 937 responses, and below is a cross section of the messages we've had back.

Also don't forget about our online/phone meeting for people to hear more detail and ask questions about our plans. It's tomorrow, 6pm–7.30pm and you need to register to login.

Enjoy the pictures!

Our 'stack' of responses

Steve Ford is Chief Executive at the Parkinson's Disease Society


Anonymous said...

A lot of us can barely hold a pen Steve, let alone write! Your heart may well be in the right place but for me I don't think you truly understand the full nature of this disease. For able bodied people placards and online conferences work well - you seem to forget the frailities of the very people you are supposed to represent!

Anonymous said...

I have Parkinsons but I am still ME

Anonymous said...

I have Parkinson's but it does NOT have me...
my poster would read
1) Inspirational
2) Supportive
3) Means what it says on the tin.

At long last we have got a medical condition not a Disease. No you cannot catch Parkinsons but a lot of many people think you can.

Anonymous said...

Strange that the positive posting 'I have Parkinsons but I am still ME' now appears after the critical comment when it was actually already there when I posted! Shows that pd sufferers aren't taken seriously by the well paid officials of the society?!

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