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Steve FordFollowing my blog yesterday about the exciting changes we are making to the charity, I would like to invite you to hear more and ask questions about how the brand fits with our new five year strategy.

We’ve set up an online meeting for people to hear more detail about our plans. It will take place on Wednesday 10 March, 6pm–7.30pm.

It's really important for me to hear your thoughts on where the charity is going, to listen to your suggestions for the next steps in this process and to answer any questions as we go along.

You need to register in advance for the meeting so that login details for the website and the conference call number can be sent to you.

If you’re not able to join us on Wednesday, there are other ways that you can share your ideas. Leave a comment below or email feedback@parkinsons.org.uk

We will also be setting up regular web chats on a range of topics, so watch this space for details!

Steve Ford is Chief Executive at the Parkinson's Disease Society


Anonymous said...

Why have the PDS spent circ £200,000 changing its name and logo, when other Charities seem to get it done for next to nothing? Would this money not of been better spent providing more parkinson's nurses?

Parkinson's Disease Society said...

A lot of charities have invested significantly in their brands and have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds. As a result of that investment they have seen a significant increase in supporters and income.

Our brand (not just a name and a logo but our vision, mission and values) has been developed alongside our new strategy and in consultation with many of our supporters. It's only 1% of our annual outgoing and an important investment in the future of our charity.

It will make a huge difference to our ability to achieve our ambitious £110million fundraising targets. If we can raise that then we can fund more research and support more people with Parkinson's.

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