Raising awareness of impulsive and compulsive behaviour

We are committed to raising awareness of impulsive and compulsive behaviour, as part of our ongoing campaign.

This week 4 people with Parkinson's have settled their claims against GlaxoSmithKline – who manufacture several types of Parkinson's drugs – following them developing impulsive or compulsive behaviour after taking the dopamine agonist, ReQuip.

As their behaviour went unchecked, it escalated to very serious and life-changing levels. Solicitors, Leigh Day & Co – who attended our first impulsive and compulsive behaviour steering group in January 2011 – argued that due to warnings not being included with the drugs until March 2007, no link could be made between their behaviour and the drug. Therefore, the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, was liable.

This recognition of the severity and, in many cases, devastating nature of impulsive and compulsive behaviour is a huge step forward.

Dopamine agonists help many thousands of people with the condition across the world but this case serves to highlight the huge importance of having accurate information about the potential risks they carry.

We are committed to making sure everyone affected by impulsive and compulsive behaviour has the information they need to make an informed choice, before the consequences become too serious.

Do you have experience of impulsive and compulsive behaviour? Would you like to join our campaign? Tell us your views on pr@parkinsons.org.uk


Eck said...

What is the way forward for someone who is left in crippling debt and can't afford to take up a case against Glaxo?

Anonymous said...

I suppose it all depends on the individuals 'Statute of Limitations'and whether a class action can be brought against ALL Dopamine Agonist manufacturers?

Parkinson's UK said...


This is the reason why we're committed to raising awareness of this issue and, hopefully, prevent situations like these from happening in the future.

Anonymous said...

This is good news for the four people concerned who got financial settlements in respect of there claims. However it will do little or nothing to help the thousands of us who are still suffering consequences of not being warned about the side effects. My understading is all four settled out of court, so will be subject to gagging orders! Also anyone pre 2007 who is thinking of taking up arms againt the drug companies on the back of this, is now timed out. By timed out i mean the claim has to be made within 3 years of knowing about the issue. Given the drug companies went public on the problem in 2007 then 2010 was the cut off? Leigh day & co solicitors have been handling the four claimants cases since 2006 and by advising them to settle out of court, have ensured there costs get paid while we the remaining thousands are left with no hope now of getting anything ever! Thanks leigh day & co and to the four people who at least got something back for your sufferings i say, ......enjoy!

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