New report condemns state of neurology services

This week, the Royal College of Physicians and the Association of British Neurologists published a report saying that overall services for patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's are poorly organised and don't meet patients' needs.

People with a neurological condition need a range of neurology services at different stages of their illness - including acute admission, outpatient care and long-term care. However, the report finds that these services are badly integrated, leaving many patients unable to access the right specialist at the right time.

Key proposals put forward in the report include an expansion and improvement of local services, organised care for patients with long-term neurological conditions, managed by enhanced roles such as specialist nurses, and better local planning of services with increased clinical involvement.

With our chief executive, Steve Ford, this week announced as the chair of the Neurological Alliance, we're more committed than ever to trying to improve all services and treatments for people with Parkinson's.

Our ongoing Fair Care for Parkinson's campaign seeks to make sure that all people affected by Parkinson's are given the care they deserve - wherever they live in the UK. This includes consistent access to high-quality neurology services for people with the condition.

So we strongly welcome this latest report and hope that the Government listens and places neurology at the top of its agenda.

Does this report reflect your experiences of neurological services? Share your thoughts here.

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