Parkinson's UK Together events

Last week over 300 members and staff from all over the UK came together in a series of events to share successes and discuss our plans for the future.

The Parkinson's UK Together events provided an excellent forum for members of our local groups to feed back to staff what they think has worked well and help us identify new ways of working together toward our ambitious 5-year strategy.

Members picked out our presence at the World Parkinson Congress, our work with Nintendo Wii and our rebranded information resources as some of our most impressive achievements in recent months.

They also stressed the importance of our educational work with GPs and other health professionals as well as our 'Get it on time' campaign.

Members felt that current work to improve communication between staff and local groups needed to continue. And they welcomed further events to increase interaction and shared understanding between staff and people affected by Parkinson's.

One person at the Glasgow event said: "It's nice to hear what other branches are doing and to share ideas with staff. Sometimes as a branch you can get stuck in a rut. The event has been really very informative and useful for that".

So staff returned to the office this week with a strong sense of what we are doing well and areas for improvement - as we move towards our ultimate goal of finding a cure.

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