New cuts could jeopardise UK Parkinson's research

Back in September we joined the Science is Vital campaign against proposed cuts of 40% to UK science funding in the Government's autumn spending review.

And in October we were relieved to hear that science had escaped the worst of the budget cuts - with Vince Cable promising to ring-fence £4.6billion for science over the next 4 years.

But this week science funding bodies have learned that they will have to absorb devastating cuts of 41% to their capital expenditure.

'Capital expenditure' is money spent on essentials like building, maintenance and equipment. So slashing investment by 41% will put major pressure on UK science funders and the money will probably have to come from scientific grant budgets.

We're aiming to continue to increase our Parkinson's research spending year on year. But, like all charities, we rely heavily upon a backbone of government investment in research. Their funding supports UK universities and organisations like DeNDRoN that provide essential resources to the research community.

These new cuts could seriously jeopardise the momentum we've been building for the last 40 years and have a devastating impact on medical research in the UK for years to come.

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