Our plan to find a cure for Parkinson's

Last week, the global Parkinson's community gathered in Glasgow for the World Parkinson Congress (WPC). All our staff, members and supporters who attended returned home feeling more motivated than ever towards finding a cure and improving life for everyone with Parkinson's.

Paul Jackson Clark, our Director of Fundraising, said: "It was a really inspiring week and as an organisation we received lots of positive feedback from people from across the world.

"But I thought that the most inspirational speakers were the people with Parkinson's. They were able to say more in a couple of minutes about what it's really like to live with Parkinson's and the urgent need for our work, than most scientists did in an hour."

One of our members said: "We felt so comforted by the whole community and the amount of work being done to find a cure. It was incredibly inspiring."

Another of our members, who has Parkinson's, commented on our Facebook page: "I feel re-energised and more positive than ever regarding a cure for us all. Please let's not lose the impetus. Lets all band together as one voice. We are never alone. One day, we might say: 'I used to have Parkinson's'."

We also took the opportunity last week to launch our ambitious new research strategy at the WPC. We hope that the strategy will push our search for a cure for Parkinson's to a new level. Watch our video featuring people with Parkinson's, researchers and clinicians talking about why a Parkinson's cure can't wait.

If you were at the World Parkinson Congress, we'd love to hear your feedback. Even if you weren't in Glasgow, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the congress and our exciting new research strategy.

And if you haven't signed the global Parkinson's pledge yet, it only takes a few seconds and will help us create a global movement towards finding a cure for Parkinson's.

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