All eyes on Health Minister at International Carers Conference

Health Minister Andrew Lansley is due to make his first major speech on social care today at the 5th International Carers Conference in Leeds.

While it's good news that the carers' debate has gone global, all eyes will be on his plans and what it means for carers closer to home.

We are expecting an announcement very soon that the work of the long term care commission will begin on social care funding reform.

Everyone agrees the system is creaking - yet cuts seem inevitable as councils try and balance their books.

On the day the Government challenges the public for ideas on how the state can make savings, we hope the Secretary of State remembers the amount that carers save the UK because of the support they offer - an estimated £87billion and rising.

If nothing else, this demonstrates that supporting carers makes financial sense.

You can watch Mr Lansley's speech live online today via Carers World Radio.

Tell us what you think of the speech. If you're a carer, we'd like to hear about your concerns over the new Government's plans for social care.

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