Have you been tangoed?

Tango sessions could come with a string of benefits for people with Parkinson's, suggests new research presented at the 14th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders in Buenos Aires.

In the study, 10 people with Parkinson's had weekly 2-hour tango classes and practised at home using a DVD.

After just a month the researchers noticed improvements in posture and mobility, and the participants reported benefits to their mood and self esteem.

So, what's so special about tango? Researchers are interested because tango dancing involves a range of movements that may be especially relevant to people with Parkinson's - including balance, turning and walking backwards.

Although the research is still in its early stages, it seems that people with Parkinson's are already in the mood for dancing. Watch people in Newport having a tango taster session and check out a US news report on a tango trial for people with Parkinson's in Washington

Gina Ward from our younger people's group in Leicester runs a tango class:

"It's a great way to have fun and meet other people with Parkinson's. And the classes have attracted people who wouldn't come to regular group meetings."

Have you been tangoed? Share your experiences below or email us at research@parkinsons.org.uk

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