Puppy love brings health benefits for Parkinson's

Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, and our countryside is full of bluebells and spring flowers, it's time to reap the benefits of exercise in our great outdoors.

We know how exercise can benefit people with Parkinson's. It can help control symptoms, it's great for building confidence, and the social aspects of meeting like-minded people can make a huge difference.

The benefits of pet ownership are also well known, and The Sun last week reported on how having a dog has made a big difference to one young woman living with Parkinson’s, who noticed improvements in day to day activities like walking and sleeping. She also felt less depressed.

One theory is that the responsibility of looking after the dog and the exercise involved may have had an effect on stimulating dopamine. Dopamine producing nerve cells are lost when Parkinson’s develops. Amanda with her dog Benji

After the Sun ran its story, our Communications team received an excited call from Parkinson’s UK member Amanda Osborne who said “that’s me and Benji they are talking about!”

Right: Amanda with dog Benji

Amanda went on to say that Benji had really changed her life for the better.

Has your four-legged friend has made a difference to your life with Parkinson’s? We’d like to hear your stories.

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