What can a pound do?

It's been great to have received some really enthusiastic feedback from supporters who received our £1 appeal in the mail last week.

The appeal carries the message, "£1 from you today could help us find a cure for Parkinson's" and asks supporters to insert a pound coin in a cardboard carrier in support of funding research.

The appeal is targeted at people who, for a variety of reasons, we've lost touch with over the last couple of years but who we want to tell about our vital work in support of everyone affected by Parkinson's in the UK.

Early feedback suggests that people like the simplicity of the appeal and the tactile call to action. They also like us getting in touch again.

One person even said "Parkinsons UK's 'Put £1 here' mailer is genius, really tactile. Couldn't wait to stick my coin in the slot!"

Staying in touch with all our supporters is vital if we are to succeed in our work. And finding new supporters is just as important.

If you or anyone you know would like to support our work, have a look at how you can get involved

You can also donate now to help us find a cure for Parkinson's.

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