Working together to find a cure

Dr Kieran Breen Teamwork is vital as we work towards a cure for Parkinson's - not only between researchers but also between funding organisations.

And momentum is gathering. I'm delighted that our recent £5million investment in The Monument Discovery Award has been matched by funding from The Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Wellcome Trust for a complementary study.

As part of the MRC/Wellcome Trust’s Neurodegenerative Diseases Initiative, a consortium of Parkinson's researchers has been awarded £5.3million to find and understand the genes that increase the risk of developing Parkinson's.

The project will be led by Professors Nick Wood, Anthony Schapira and John Hardy – 3 leading Parkinson's researchers who are also funded by the Parkinson's Disease Society.

Up until the late 1990s no one thought that genes played any part in Parkinson's. But now we know there are many genes involved, including 2 key genes discovered by Professor Nick Wood in 2004 in a Parkinson's Disease Society-funded study

While we have made major steps in unravelling the causes of Parkinson's, there is still a long way to go.

Together we are injecting over £10million into UK Parkinson's research over the next 5 years, but we still need to do more to find a cure.

We are totally dependent on voluntary donations, so to help us get to a cure faster, make a donation now

Dr Kieran Breen is Director of Research and Development at the Parkinson's Disease Society


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I've heard about recent discoveries re diet & mantaining the 'status quo' in Parkinsons. Unfortunatly I can't find any record about this on the internet. I know that small well balanced meals are normaly recomended but is there more? Thanks

Parkinson's Disease Society said...

You can view our free booklet Parkinson's and Diet on our website. It includes guidelines on diet, tips on shopping, cooking and eating and also answers nutritional questions related to Parkinson's.

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