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Steve Ford

This weekend I met Trevor Martin at our 2009 Annual Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon. Trevor, from the Weymouth and Dorchester Branch, is here with his wife Katherine. He told me about the great work they are doing by going into care homes in their local area to speak about their experience of living with Parkinson's.

Here at the conference, our members have also been getting involved by sharing their experiences and delivering our messages about our vision for the future - both up on the stage and in workshops.

This year's conference is a really important event for the organisation as we work together with members to build our ambitious plans for the next five years. I am making the most of the opportunity to listen to people with Parkinson’s and carers about the issues that are most important to them, to make sure we are on the right track.

I have heard so many great examples of how local groups and branches are reaching out to people with Parkinson's of all ages, attracting new supporters and influencing health professionals. In Wales, one of our very active members persuaded a local GP practice to give him a slot in their training day. Other branches around the UK have been holding breakfast and lunchtime meetings, to fit around the GPs' busy schedules and help them understand what it's like living with the condition.

What I find so encouraging about events like this conference is the shared determination to make our vision a reality - that we will find a cure, and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's.

Steve Ford is Chief Executive of the Parkinson's Disease Society

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Anonymous said...

There were lots of new people attending for the first time. They must have gone home inspired by the weekend. The hotel was good, the Tyler Events Staff were as always polite, helpful and unflappable; the media team did their job without being obtrusive and the PDS Staff were always willing to lend a hand. In the sessions I attended questions were asked and answered at once or in writing that day or in the following week. IT was enjoyable, friendly and uplifting. The weather was good too.

Alun (Trustee)

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