Lib Dem party conference: can localised health systems work?

Val Buxton This week I’ve been at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference where the word on every party spokesperson’s lips has been ‘localism’. “There’s been too much central control and not enough local freedom,” they tell us.

In the health system, the Lib Dem party spokespeople want to slash central targets and give local health professionals more say. But what does this mean for people affected by Parkinson’s?

We already see huge variations in the service people get, depending on where they live - so with no central drive to get national quality standards for Parkinson’s and other neurological services implemented, won’t inequalities get even worse?
Trevor Martin
That was the hot topic for our fringe event at the conference called “From Whitehall to the town hall – no longer a national health service?”

PDS member Trevor Martin (pictured right) told the audience about the difficulties people with Parkinson’s already face getting key services like specialist nursing and therapy, depending on where they live. The message was clear that everyone must be guaranteed access to health and social care that meets their needs, regardless of where decisions are made.

This is a message we’ll be taking to the Labour and Conservative conferences, running events and meetings with ministers and spokespeople, trying to make sure that whoever forms the next government, has Fair Care for Parkinson’s high on their agenda.

Val Buxton is Director of Policy, Campaigns and Information at the Parkinson’s Disease Society

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All sounds excellent. I look forward to working for you and making these things happen

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