Fair Care for Parkinson's

Val Buxton The Parkinson's Disease Society is launching its new Fair Care for Parkinson's campaign tonight at a parliamentary reception, to make sure people affected by Parkinson's get the decent, appropriate care they need - wherever they live.

The campaign is launching in response to findings of a parliamentary inquiry into Parkinson's disease services that has been published today. The inquiry report, 'Please mind the gap: Parkinson's disease services today', documents stark inequalities in access to services across the UK.

Through Fair Care for Parkinson's, we're campaigning for the same focus on service improvement for Parkinson's that exists for other conditions. We want enough skilled staff in place right across the country to make sure that good quality care for Parkinson's is no longer a postcode lottery

This isn't an issue about resources. Evidence shows that Parkinson's services that meet national guidelines are cost effective - they improve quality of care and clinical outcomes.

It isn't an issue about locality - why should people with Parkinson's be disadvantaged just because of where they live? This is an issue of social justice and we want national action to tackle it.

We're confident that faced with compelling evidence from today's report, UK governments will respond to the challenge.

Get involved and take action now to help make sure all people affected by Parkinson's - wherever they live in the UK - are given the care they deserve.

Val Buxton is Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Parkinson's Disease Society

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