Fundraising in the credit crunch

On Sunday, 21 June, the BBC Radio 4 Appeal, which takes place each week, will feature journalist and presenter John Stapleton on behalf of the Parkinson's Disease Society.

John Stapleton - who recently supported us by signing up to our Parkinson's Brain Donor Register during Parkinson's Awareness Week - will appeal for donations in one of the most challenging economic climates that many of us can remember. But the search for a cure for Parkinson's is incredibly important, meaning we must work harder to remind the cash-strapped public why.

Recent appeals, like The Time is Now, launched during Parkinson's Awareness Week, showed that people are still willing to donate despite the financial difficulties they may be facing - but this doesn't make us complacent. Instead, we are so very grateful that our supporters are able to continue to fund our work.

Please help us make this campaign a success by encouraging friends and family to tune in to BBC Radio 4 (92-95 FM) on Sunday at 7.55am or 9.26pm.

You can also donate to the Parkinson's Disease Society on our website.

Paul Jackson-Clark is Director of Fundraising at the Parkinson's Disease Society

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